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When Joanne started the School of Business Training for Work programme, she was very low on

confidence and was frustrated with her rejections from the numerous roles she had previously been

applying for. She found herself getting very depressed and dejected with this.

SBL took Joanne on-board as a client and immediately set about building a more a solid structure

from which she could develop.

This platform allowed Joanne to regain control over her actions and

regain the confidence that she had lost.

She really took on board all the training that she was provided with and she challenged herself out side to keep to

the plan. Her attitude changed and very soon her positive flow was back and she was a lot more confident with her

interview technique as well as having the confidence to start building and improving her network.

As her confidence grew so did the number of interviews. The one she most wanted was with a bank.




She had no banking experience but wrote a wonderful cover letter that set out her thoughts on

customer service and where she wanted to go in her career. She did really well at the interview, she

got offered the role and is now a personal banker.

She pushed herself really hard over the month that she was with SBL on the programme she learnt

about mental toughness and the ability to turn the negatives into positives and continue to battle

forward. The TFW programme really worked well for Joanne and she is a real success story for SBL

as she is the prime example of what the programme is all about – absorb the training, put the

training into practice, keep the structure consistent and do the basics well, you will succeed.