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​Tim came to School of Business with an express desire to work on the railways. He had a passion for this industry

and a life-long love of trains. He had previously tried to get into the industry but had been unsuccessful and so in the

meantime he had developed his mechanical skills.

SBL has a strong employer relationship with Kiwirail and spoke directly to them about Tim and his passion to start a

career with them.

After an initial period of developing a CV and cover letter and building up some skills and

confidence we supported Tim in his job search.

We knew he had a good story to tell but it was a matter of building all the information into a realistic profile and this

being followed up by actual interview. Although he had the right attitude and passion he still required training

around the basics of employment like time management and communication, he struggled in this area and SBL had

numerous conversations about this with him, also being able to balance the conflicting personal

responsibilities against his priority of employment.


Tim applied for a position with Kiwirail and SBL contacted the employer to confirm that he was right

and ready for the role. He passed all subsequent testing and was offered a position at Kiwirail. He is

now working as a full time with Kiwirail and fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Tim has done very well, once he listened to and accepted what the training/advice SBL gave him was

of benefit to him, he will continue to grow within Kiwirail.