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When Whetu listened to a School of Business seminar at Work and Income, he immediately assumed that due to his

criminal history, SBL would not be able to help. Yet SBL was willing to listen to his story and see whether we could

work together to make the changes necessary so he could become employed.

We listened to him and recognised the large challenge involved with Whetu, he was brought in

for an assessment to gauge his attitude and dedication in regards to his commitment to

the programme.

He was accepted onto TFW and SBL set to work to assist him to re-build his confidence and restore some

faith in him as well. SBL appreciated his honesty in regards to his criminal history and worked off this to train him

up to portray this towards an employer.

SBL contacted one of our employers to arrangea time  for an interview, as Whetu had really made a solid effort in

trying his best to make a difference. SBL informed the employer about Whetu and they were very keen to interview

him for a full time role, he went along to his interview and made an impact straight away.


It all paid off when Whetu was was offered a full time contract. His employer is full of praise for him and is more

than happy with his progress and with his attitude more than anything else SBL recognised that Whetu had made

mistakes in his life and that he deserved an opportunity as he had been told ‘no’, ‘not suitable for this

programme/employment’ to many times. With the coaching and honest approach that SBL provided Whetu he has

made a real difference in his life as well as his families.