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At age six Zion left with his family for Australia. It went well for Zion until he started to associate with people

who were involved in petty crime. Eventually Zion was caught and incarcerated. Then the Australian Government

decided that it was best that Zion was to leave Australia. Zion was to be deported. To do this Zion spent one year in

detention centre and then was escorted back to New Zealand. When we met Zion he was at rock bottom with little

in the way of family in Auckland, few friends and some frustration about his treatment.

We took Zion into the course and immediately set about building goals, creating confidence and

building self-esteem. Eventually the real Zion began to emerge and the natural talent for

customer service started to surface.

After some big changes Zion gained employment in hospitality. Zion is now a new person and has left his Australian

history far behind. He is a new man and his employer considers him to be a cornerstone employee.